Many apartments for rental in Göttingen.

The Städtische Wohnungsbau GmbH Göttingen, Göttingen’s municipal housing company, manages more than 4,600 apartments, 15 business premises, 32 apartments owned by third parties, a day care centre for the elderly, 3 day care centres for children, a house for young people, 640 garages and parking spaces in underground carparks, 133 open parking spaces, all in the district of Göttingen.

Since 1960, in other words for more than half a century, the Städtische Wohnungsbau has been supplying the Göttingen housing market with affordable accommodation. For 49 years, the NIELEG (formerly Niedersächsische Heimstätte) participated as a stakeholder in the planning and building direction of projects. Now, since 2010, the Sparkasse Göttingen is the new shareholder, holding 15 % of the shares in the company, whilst the municipality of Göttingen continues to hold 85 % of the shares.

The range of property includes solidly built old houses as well as new buildings fitted out to modern technical standards, in every price category. All citizens are eligible to rent apartments – without having to be members or buy shares.