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Geismar, which was mentioned officially for the first time in 1055, is the largest of Göttingen’s districts. In recent decades, the number of inhabitants has risen from 3,200 to more than 17,500. In the district of Geismar, you can find a range of shops including chemists and hairdressers.

Live “on the Zieten” and enjoy the spectacular view.

The ‘Zietenterrassen’ have existed in this form only since 1993, when after the closure of the military base the municipality converted the former barracks on the ‘Zietenterrassen’ into a large residential area. Situated high above the Leine valley, the buildings offer a spectacular view. The effective floor planning, good situation and favourable rents would provide reason enough to choose the ‘Zietenterrassen’. Attractive loggias and terraces add the decorative touch to the overall picture in this area of Göttingen, where special regulations reduce the traffic noise to a minimum.

There is a bus stop right outside the entrance. You can take buses 71, 72 & 73 to travel comfortably into the middle of town and to the station. Buses 11, 91 & 92 will transport you from the upper part of Geismar into the town centre. School children can also travel safely to schools in the entire town area by bus. Young people appreciate the large sports area and the ‘fun sports’ hall on the ‘Zietenterrassen’. Residents can relax by taking walks in the close vicinity: to the ‘Bismarckturm’ tower, to the ‘Reiterhof am Kehr’ where there is a wildlife reserve, to the ‘Kerstlingeröder Feld’, or choosing from the many hiking paths e.g. via the ‘Herberhäuser Stieg’ to Herberhausen.

This neighbourhood has two Evangelical Lutheran parishes, one Free Church and one Catholic parish.

Our apartments in Geismar

The Städtische Wohnungsbau Göttingen rents out 778 one-room to four-room apartments in Geismar, in Tegeler Weg and in Mittelberg. They have a wonderful view over Göttingen and the Leinetal.

Our apartments “on the Zieten”

With a total of 70 apartments, the residential area in Alfred-Delp-Weg 14 – 32 on the ‘Zietenterrassen’ is one of the most attractive new complexes built by the Städtische Wohnungsbau GmbH Göttingen so far, with sophisticated architectural planning and high quality exterior design. Many families have found lovely new homes consisting of two to four rooms along the Alfred-Delp-Weg, the Elisabeth-Heimpel-Weg or the Von-Ossietzky-Straße.

All the apartments on the ground floor in Alfred-Delp-Weg were built to meet the needs of handicapped people. To keep the running costs low, the apartments in Alfred-Delp-Weg were fitted with a controlled domestic ventilation system with warmth recovery. In July 2007, we also completed a further 28 two to four room flats in Elisabeth-Heimpel-Weg and in Von-Ossietzky-Straße. More apartments in Alfred-Delp-Weg will become ready during 2015.