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The ‘Ostviertel’ (eastern quarter) with the neighbouring Steinsgraben neighbourhood is Göttingen’s most popular residential area with good accessibility for the town centre, which can be reached on foot within a quarter of an hour. Taking the bus routes 71 and 72, it is even quicker. Schools with afternoon supervision and daycare centres are within easy reach. The neighbourhood has play and recreation grounds.

Göttingen’s most popular residential area.

Well cared for, quiet and central.

A shop, hairdresser, baker’s, chemist’s and doctors’ practices just around the corner help to make this residential area so appealing. For leisure time, there is the ‘Schillerwiesen’ park which has a mini-golf course and a little ice-cream kiosk. To get away from it all, one can stroll up the path through the forest to the so-called ‘Kehr’ with its restaurant, wildlife preserve and beer garden.

Our apartments ...

The Städtische Wohnungsbau rents out 467 apartments: Am Steinsgraben, Wörthstraße, Lönsweg, Münchhausenstraße, Wilamowitzweg, Düstere-Eichen-Weg and Sertürnerstraße.

The buildings, which were erected between 1965 and 1968, have – with only one exception – three floors. The sloping ground on which they stand makes for a highly effective living design. Without through-traffic but with plenty of open spaces, the central core of this complex in its very quiet, island-like setting supports the well-cared-for impression made by the Lönsweg neighbourhood as a whole.