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The ‘Windausweg’ property is situated between the Göttingen town centre and the leisure area on the Kiessee, in the southern part of Göttingen. It has excellent transport connections. On foot, it takes around 15 minutes to reach the centre of Göttingen. Located in the immediate vicinity are the ‘Eiswiese’ garden allotsments to the west, and only a little further on, the Kiessee. To the north, the property borders on the Felix-Klein-Gymnasium, and to the east, the Lotzestraße residence. The pool complex ‘Badeparadies Eiswiese’ is just 100 meters away. There are shops very close by.

Our apartments

The Städtische Wohnungsbau GmbH Göttingen offers apartments for rental exclusively in the upper price range. The floor size varies between approx. 42 square metres for a single room flat and 167.50 square metres for a five room flat. All the apartments have a balcony or a loggia, a terrace or spacious roof terrace, and lifts ensure convenient access. Thanks to the large windows, the individual rooms are very light and open in character. All the apartments are equipped to meet the needs of handicapped people.

All apartments have parquet flooring, underfloor heating and floor-level showers, and are equipped with broadband in triple-play format and WIFI in every room, entrance intercoms with CCTV, and door-openers.

Excellently fitted-out apartments in a prime location:


In addition, each apartment has its own storage room in the cellar. A parking space in the underground garage can be rented. Parking is also available on the forecourts leading up to the building.

The whole building is planned on the basis of energy optimisation. This energy concept involves use of a gas-driven heat pump in combination with a gas-fired peak load boiler. In comparison with other energy saving concepts, this combination results in the highly favourable environmental factor of 0.48 and very low heating costs.